2011-goldengate-5-pjpeg-081613What makes the San Francisco Bay Area so great?  So many reasons.  The weather is mild and sunny generally, but with many micro-climates around to add variety.  Along with those micro-climates comes a wide range of landscape to choose from for a day or weekend excursion: beautiful beaches, awesome redwoods, grass-covered hills, the country, and cosmopolitan cities.  The people are friendly and diverse; the Bay Area attracts people from all over the world, each adding their ethnic and cultural distinctiveness to the whole.  The restaurants are amazing; relating to the diversity, you can get food from anywhere in the world in the Bay Area.  The cultural opportunities abound, including opera, dance, rock concerts, the symphony, and year-round street festivals throughout the region.  People born and raised here, and newcomers all agree that no other region can match the Bay Area.