Juliette works with small businesses and non-profits seeking:

  • A professional outsider’s perspective on the business
  • Insight into customers’ buying behavior
  • Insight into employees’ customer service skills
  • Brand differentiation and promotion
  • Creative ideas for expanding services/products
  • Ideas for efficiency, increasing sales and lowering expenses
  • New solutions for existing problems
  • A charitable outlet/association for positive public relations and community impact
  • Analysis of social media/online presence and reputation
  • A survey of the competition
  • Ideas to boost employee morale
  • Help with content marketing, email and social media campaigns
  • Marketing advice from a fellow entrepreneur and Business student


7 Steps toward a better business:

  1. Research company culture, customer base
    1. Information gathered from management
    2. Information gathered from employees
    3. Information gathered from customers
  2. Identify challenges for company and customer base
    1. Problems within company (sales, employee morale, customer loyalty, etc.)
    2. Issues among customer base the company can solve (opportunities)
  3. Research solutions to problems and offer ideas to enhance strengths
  4. Identify best solutions/ideas (in partnership with management)
  5. Implement solutions/ideas (in partnership with employees)
  6. Analyze customer satisfaction with solutions/ideas (in partnership with customers)
  7. Amend solutions/ideas where necessary while monitoring customer satisfaction

If you need help with any of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact Juliette.  She has references you can check.  She has consistently used her ideas to improve her own businesses and those she has worked for.  Helping small organizations grow and reach their potential is her passion, and she looks forward to hearing from you.